Sustainability - 13 Artists
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Sustainability Pledge

13 Artists is committed to acknowledging the impact our individual and collective actions have on the world around us. We seek to minimise the overall ecological footprint created as a result of our activities within the live music industry, and work with our artists and partners to reduce waste, lessen environmental impact, and support positive social effects.


We acknowledge that offsetting our carbon emissions is not enough to solve the environmental issues we face. By identifying the following actions, we aim to implement policies that will allow us to work towards the target of a 50% reduction in carbon emissions per decade until we reach net zero emissions in 2050.


The 13 Artists Sustainability Policy is based upon the principle of highlighting the environmental impact of our business; we will endeavour to:


  • Take action to minimise the company’s environmental impacts both when travelling and within our working practices.
  • Remain informed on best practices, ensuring staff are fully engaged on environmental issues.
  • Work with our artists and managers to embrace and implement our sustainability policy.
  • Engage predominantly with partners who adopt and encourage a sound approach towards sustainability.
  • Continue to improve upon and track our sustainability performance, reviewing our policy annually.